Short Story with Moral in English

Welcome to Moral Storys – Short Story with Moral. 1. The Cuckoo and the Crow There was a farmer in a village. He was in a small hut in the yard. Beside the hut was a neem tree. A crow lived in that tree. The farmer used to eat and give the leftover food to … Read more

Short English Moral Story with Moral Lesson

Welcome to Moral Storys: Short English Moral Story. Moral stories play a vital role in human life. Reveals the secrets of life. It is a lesson about how to live and act in the world. It especially helps to teach children good culture, education, good manners, and humane values. 1. The Magical Seeds: Short English … Read more

Moral Story with Picture in English

Inspirational Moral Tales Valuable Life Lessons. Moral Story Introduction:  Moral Tales have always played a significant role in human civilization. Moral Story with Picture in English. These fascinating stories, which are frequently passed down through generations, are effective teaching tools that impart important life lessons. These stories, which are filled with moral instruction and positive … Read more