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1. Excessive Desire 

There was a man in a certain village. He had a beautiful Hen. He used to make a living from the money he got from selling chicken eggs. Hen eggs were the mainstay of his life.

One day the Hen put the gold egg. The master was very happy. He sold it and became rich and he looked after the Hen with great care. And he gave the Hen special snacks.

He wanted to become even more rich. A thought arose in the night; That is, ‘Rather than waiting a day for one golden egg, I will sell all the eggs in the hen’s stomach at once and become even more rich. 

That’s why he got up in the morning, reaped (ripped) and saw the stomach of the Hen. But not a single egg was found in the stomach. The master was very sad. He lost the chicken which was the support of his life because of his excessive desire.

Moral of the Story: Too much desire spoil the life. We will lose our peace. Too much desire leads to misery. We will lose everything.

2. The Swan and the Crow

Story with a Moral

A beautiful swan lived in a lake. It was very happy and healthy. Most of the time was spent in the lake. A crow lived on the branch of a tree on the bank of the same lake.

The crow became envious of the white color of the swan. And The crow sat down worried about its blackness. The crow thought that somehow I should become white like a swan and look beautiful. The crow thought that the swan was white because it was always swimming in water. 

For that, the crow sank and floated in the water all day long. Once again the crow looked at its color, The color of the crow was black. However, the crow did not give up its efforts and continued to sink into the water. 

Finally, crow drowned in the water and became exhausted and sick. The Crow did not recover quickly. The crow realized it’s mistake. The crow realized that it should find contentment in what it already have.

Moral of the story : It is very important to find happiness in what we already have. Don’t expect from others. Be content with what you have. 

3. Greedy Sheep

There was a man in a village who had one acre of land and ten goats. He was grazing those ten goats in his yard. Without going anywhere else, he used to graze the goats in his own field till evening. The goats were housed in a safe place.

One day one of the ten goats thought, ‘I got bored eating the same grass today, so I should go somewhere else today’. The goat escaped from the big house and went into the forest without being noticed by the Shepherd.

Seeing the lush green grass there, it was mesmerized and started shouting happily. Then a wolf that was looking for food heard its cry and came looking for it. Then the wolf jumped on the goat and killed.

Moral of the story : Excessive desire drowns our life in misery. Be happy with what you have.

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