Story Telling Competition

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Moral stories play a high role in human life. They convey the greatness of life. Helps to inculcate moral values in children. Teaches to live by good thoughts. Accepting the good creates a positive thought away from the bad. Promotes release in the mentally depressed. Story Telling Competition.

1. The Greedy Farmer (Story Telling Competition)

3 Minute Story Telling Competition.

Ramesh was a farmer who resided in a small Indian village. He was renowned for his tenacity and devotion to his property. He did have one fault, though—he was incredibly greedy. Regardless of how much he had, he was constantly craving more.

Ramesh once learned of a miraculous pot that could create an endless supply of gold coins. He set out to locate the pot because the prospect of becoming incredibly wealthy intrigued him. Ramesh finally located it after a protracted search, hiding deep within the jungle.

He gripped the pot in his hands, unable to contain his excitement. Thanks to this pot, I’ll never have to worry about money again, he thought.

Ramesh rushed the pot home swiftly, waiting impatiently for it to begin dispensing gold coins. To his surprise, the pot actually began creating gold coins as soon as he set it on the ground and whispered a spell he had learned.

He spent days and nights accumulating gold coins for his home out of sheer joy. However, his thirst for even greater wealth soon overcame him. Why settle for a house made of gold when I may have a palace? he reasoned. I might possess the greatest wealth in the kingdom.

Story Telling Competition for Kids

He ignored his land and ceased caring for his fields out of avarice. His once-fertile land became unproductive, and his crops died. The villagers were dismayed to see him slip into the greed trap because they used to look to him for inspiration and advice.

Ramesh was counting his gold coins one day when he heard a soft voice. He was being watched by a wise elderly man who was standing some distance away. “Young man, you have greed in your heart. Keep in mind that money is meant to be shared, not accumulated.

Story Telling Competition for Students.

Ramesh ignored the sage’s counsel and pursued more gold. But his greed has consequences. The pot that had previously produced gold coins began to show signs of wear, and as time went on, there were fewer and fewer coins to be found.

Ramesh frantically looked for a fix, but it was too late. The pot eventually stopped producing gold coins altogether. He was left with just a few dollars and a barren farm.

Ramesh sought advice from the wise man because he felt remorseful and ashamed. “Greed can blind us to the true value of life,” the wise man said. Real prosperity is not found in acquiring wealth for oneself but rather in the fulfillment of serving and giving to others.

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Ramesh went back to his farm, having learned from his errors and having a new outlook on life. He expressed his regret to the locals and swore to rehabilitate his land and tend to its cultivation with tenderness and love. He gradually earned back the community’s respect and trust.

Ramesh went on to enjoy a happy and purposeful life after that. He realized that the depth of one’s character and the capacity to treasure life’s benefits while sharing them with others are true measures of wealth, not the ownership of gold.

The lesson of the story is that greed can deprive us of true happiness and make us ignorant of the true meaning of life. The richness of the heart is greater than any financial property, and true wealth is found in the straightforward joys of giving and caring.

2. The Leader Elephant and the Cunning Fox

Raju was a clever and compassionate elephant who once lived in the middle of a lovely jungle. Because of his wisdom and justice, he was adored and revered by all the animals. One day, Vikram, a sneaky and cunning fox renowned for his crafty ploys and dishonest behaviour, was encountered by Raju.

Raju’s fame had long been coveted by Vikram, who aimed to damage the elephant’s standing. He came up with a scheme to disseminate untruths about Raju and damage his reputation in the forest. Vikram started telling lies to the other animals, making them believe Raju was ungrateful and self-centred.

The forest split as the false rumours spread like wildfire. While some animals began to take Vikram’s stories seriously, others continued to support Raju. In the formerly tranquil bush, tension and distrust had taken over.

Raju made the decision to speak with Vikram personally after becoming alarmed by the mounting tension. Why are you spreading false information about me, Vikram? He asked the fox as he gently approached him. How did I ever treat you?

Oh, Raju! Vikram answered with a cheeky grin. I’ve always envied your knowledge and success. I wanted you to abdicate your power and become as loathed as I am. I would then be the most revered creature in the wild!”

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Being intelligent, Raju knew that arguing with Vikram wouldn’t help the situation. Instead, he made the decision to demonstrate his honesty through his deeds. He convened a meeting of all the animals and spoke to them in an open and sincere manner.

“I’m here today to clear my name in front of you. These unfounded rumours are being circulated by someone who wants to split us apart. My sole goal has always been to safeguard and bring together our forest family. Raju begged them, “I beg you, go into your hearts and see the truth.

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The animals were moved by Raju’s sincere words, and they started to change their minds. They noticed how Raju had always kept them safe and rendered just judgements for the benefit of the jungle. As the wildlife began to recognise Vikram’s deceptive strategies, the jungle gradually recovered its peace.

Vikram felt regret for his actions as he realised that his brilliant strategy had failed. He apologised to Raju for his dishonest actions and approached him with regret. Raju showed his greatness by pardoning Vikram, saying that pardoning is the way to real progress and unity.

The jungle prospered after that day under Raju’s guidance, who gained even more respect for his knowledge and kindness. After learning from his errors, Vikram changed into a more trustworthy and helpful fox, winning the respect and friendship of other animals.

The lesson of the tale is that forgiveness, honesty, and integrity are fundamental characteristics. Although deceit may produce short-term rewards, it ultimately results in turmoil and division. As Raju, the intelligent elephant, had shown all the animals of the jungle, genuine respect and appreciation come from a true heart and honourable deeds. Story telling competition in english.

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