Story in English Writing with Moral

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Moral Storys. I’m very happy to see you here. I write best Moral Stories for everyone. In this blog post titled “Story in English Writing,” 3 best  Short Stories in English with Moral for everyone. These english stories are great ways to inculcate moral qualities in kids.

Three Friends Moral Story in English Writing

Story in English Writing Short:

In a small town there were three friends named Mahesh Suresh and Ramesh. These three friends were studying in the second year of PUC. They used to go to college together and come together. Their friendship was unique. The three friends were ahead in every activity of the college, both in games and in lessons. 

Mahesh and Suresh were a bit poor financially. Both were aware of life, money and poverty. And were equally industrious. After finishing college, he used to help his parents at home. And used to go to work during college vacations and take care of their own expenses. 

But only Ramesh was slightly different. Parents were financially well off. So he didn’t know about poverty, about money, about hardship. Hard work is something he does not like. 

Short Story in English Writing

Mahesh and Suresh started studying as the exams neared. Both of them studied hard and passed the final exam with first rank. A free seat in graduation was awarded to those who passed in the first rank. Thus both of them studied hard and passed in the first rank and got a job.

But Ramesh was not interested in studies. He failed the exam because he did not study seriously. He was bored with his studies and did not even think of writing the exam again. The financial situation at home was deteriorating. Seeing no other way, he was going to work in someone else’s field.

Moral of the story:

Everything is possible if you have the desire to achieve, persistent effort and faith. Honesty and perseverance is the key to success. If you sit and eat, even gold as much as a mountain will melt. 

The Dog and the Thief Story

There was a man in a village. He had a dog. The owner took good care of the dog and fed it well. He used to take the dog with him while going to the field. But one day the dog saw the stray dogs and said, “How beautiful they are, playing freely. But I am a slave in the hands of the owner” thought the dog. After some time the dog thought “I must escape from here and go somewhere”. 

A thief came to the owner’s house in the middle of the day to steal. The owner was fast asleep. The dog saw the thief and pretended to lie down. When the thief was robbing the house, the dog – Sir! Can I come with you? asked.

Story in English Writing with Moral.

“If you come with me, what will I benefit? You should be given three meals again. This is a loss for me,” said the thief. 

Then the dog said – I will be faithful to you and help you in the work too. 

To that, the thief – even though you knew I had come to steal, you remained silent and did not wake up your owner. You were betraying the owner who trusted you and gave you three meals. I am a thief, how can I trust you?” he said and left. 

The dog realized his mistake and lived faithfully to his owner ever since. 

Moral of the story:

No one can be impressed without confidence. Trust is the foundation for the development of relationships. Belief is the first step to success.

The Thirsty Crow Story in English Written

A crow lived in a tree. One day, I went to look elsewhere for food. A piece of bread fell along the way. It ate it and returned to its nest.

After some time, the crow became thirsty. Nearby, a farmer had brought a pot of water. The crow saw the pot. The water at the bottom of the pot did not reach the crow’s mouth.

Then the crow got an idea. He brought the small stones that had fallen and slowly put them in the pot.

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This caused the water below to rise. Then the crow easily drank water and flew to its nest. Story in english writing.

Moral of the Story: 

Every problem has a solution. Always think with patience.

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