Short Story with Moral in English

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Welcome to Moral StorysShort Story with Moral.

1. The Cuckoo and the Crow

There was a farmer in a village. He was in a small hut in the yard. Beside the hut was a neem tree. A crow lived in that tree. The farmer used to eat and give the leftover food to the crow. The crow did not eat alone but shared it with other crows.

She used to help the farmer from time to time. If insects fall in the farmer’s field, it eats them and reduces the labour and cost of the farmer.

One day, the cuckoo came and sat on the same neem tree branch. While the crow was eating bread, the cuckoo asked him to give him some bread. A merciful crow gave me a piece of bread.

The next day also came at the same time and asked for an equal share in the crow’s bread. Thinking that the cuckoo might be very hungry, the crow divided his bread into two parts and gave half to the cuckoo.

Short Story with Moral in English

The cuckoo comes, dominates the crow, and ignores the crow. One day, when the crow went outside, the cuckoo had eaten all the food that the farmer had eaten and saved by the time the crow arrived. And the cuckoo sat in the crow’s nest.

When the crow came and saw that there was no food and that it was sitting in its nest, it got angry and said to the cuckoo, “You are still in my nest after emptying all the food? Go away from here”. The cuckoo and the crow began to fight. The cuckoo sent the crow out.

Then the crow called ka…ka…ka… to all its relatives. About a hundred crows came in a moment. The crow explained everything that had happened. All the crows together chased away the cuckoo. Short Story with Moral.

Mora of the story: Heaven if eaten together

2. A Talking Tree Short Story with Moral

A tree could communicate with both humans and animals in a remote area. People traveled from far-off communities to ask for its blessings and counsel. The tree offered advice and provided solutions to their issues. 

However, some avaricious individuals desired to market its leaves as a panacea. The tree declined, stating that “My purpose is to help, not to be exploited.” 

The lesson of the story is: “True value lies in helping others, not in being used for personal gain.”

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3. The Cunning Crow – Short Story with Moral Value

The peacock’s bright feathers made a crow jealous. “If I were as beautiful,” it mused, “everyone would admire me.” When the crow came across some peacock feathers, it attached them to its wings. It paraded around, trying to look impressive. However, the peacocks were alert to the crow’s deceit and revealed it. The humiliated crow discovered that genuine beauty originates from the within. 

The lesson of the tale is to “Be yourself; pretending to be someone else won’t earn genuine respect.”

4. The Magical Mirror – Short Moral Stories for Kids

A magical mirror that could reveal the identity of anyone who looked into it belonged to a kingdom. People flocked to the mirror’s location in a public square to hear its verdicts. One day, a good-natured and modest girl noticed a compliment in the mirror. She was so stunning inside and out, the crowd was in awe. 

The story’s lesson is that “true beauty lies in a pure heart and virtuous actions.”

5. The Foolish Lion Short Story with Moral for Kids

A lion lived in a dense forest. Physically strong but intellectually weak. Lived by eating small animals in the forest. One day the lion said, I am the king of this forest. He boasted that there is no one equal to me.

The next morning the lion came out of his den to feed. Seeing his long shadow in the early morning sun, he further boasted that I am the strongest. He went looking for food in the same spirit. It met a rabbit on the way but this little animal could not satisfy the hunger of my body and once again took care of its shadow and left it behind.

As time passed, the hunger increased. Along the way he went in search of food. Searched everywhere but not found anywhere. At last one fox came across. But it did not have the strength to catch it and just stood still. From there he went back to the place where the rabbit was. But there was no rabbit. The lion was disgusted by his condition. And regretted that he had foolishly left the rabbit he had found without eating it.

Moral of the story: The ego of ‘I’ burns us like a fire. He who humbles himself will be exalted. He who exalts himself will be humbled. Excessive desire leads to suffering.

6. The Reliable Farmer – Moral Story in English

There once was a poor yet honorable farmer named Akbar who resided in a little village. He once discovered a bag of gold in his field. He felt temptation pulling at him, but he made the right decision. In an effort to locate the proper owner, Akbar announced the finding in the village square. 

The wealthy trader took possession of the bag and praised Akbar for being truthful. The trader gave Akbar a small fraction of the gold as payment. Because of his integrity, Akbar gained admiration, and his wealth grew over time. 

The Moral lesson: Being honest will make you truly wealthy and happy for a lifetime.

7. The Generous Giver

A kind man once possessed a miraculous gold coin purse that would never run out. He utilized it to support the poor, feed the hungry, and assist the needy. Because of his generosity, he gained the respect and admiration of many. He kept giving without expecting anything in return, and the purse filled up with gold. 

Moral of the story: “Generosity brings happiness, both to the giver and the receiver.”

I hope you like these extra moral tales. They strive to convey wholesome ideals and straightforward life lessons in a fun and approachable way. Short Story with Moral.

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