Short Story in English with Moral

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Moral Storys. I’m very happy to see you here. I write short Moral Stories in English for everyone. In this blog post titled “Short Story in English with Moral”

Moral Stories teach life lessons. It helps to build human values, moral qualities, integrity and self-esteem. Gives a boost to those who are depressed. Helps to increase memory power and concentration.

Short Story in English with Moral

Short Story in English with Moral:

Moral stories are a fundamental part of the human experience. Tale stories emphasize the truth and moral values ​​at the end. Moral stories are very useful to guide children in good conduct and to make them thoughtful. Best short story in english with moral.

3 best moral stories are described below:

  • A Story on Humanity
  • Father’s Love
  • An Education Story

A Story on Humanity

In a small village there lived two friends named Ramesh Suresh. Both are very close friends. They used to go together wherever they went. One day while going to the field, a dog was crying out in pain on the way. Suresh and Ramesh went near the dog and saw that its two legs were severely injured and bleeding. 

While Suresh was trying to tie the dog’s leg, the dog was barking and coming to bite him. However, he again proceeded to wrap its leg. The dog was barking and barking in fear when he came near. ‘If we go to help the dog, the dog will bite us,’ Ramesh said to Suresh. Short story in english with moral for class 10.

Then Suresh – biting, growling, barking is the nature of a dog. It is a human duty to help and show humanity. It obeyed its nature. But I must obey my nature as a human being. 

Moral of the story

Man’s first duty is to help in times of distress. Showing mercy, kindness, humanity is the religion of man. Because man is superior to all living beings. He has knowledge and awareness of everything. 

Father’s Love: Short Story in English with Moral

In a village, there was a farmer named Devappa. He had a son. Being an only son, he looked after him very lovingly and did not allow him to do any kind of heavy work. Devappa had a sincere and soft-spoken style. He remembered God in every work. Accordingly, he led his son in the same way.

He had two acres of land and two oxen. One day he was tired from plowing in the field from morning until evening. and a thorn pierced the leg. I reached home by sunset.

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After dinner, the father called his son to remove the thorn from his leg. But the son was busy on the phone. It didn’t come soon enough. The father shouted two or three times. There is a lot of work to be done in the field; work should not stop tomorrow. “If you remove the thorn today, the pain will be reduced by tomorrow; come and go a minute early,” he said. The son came with a bored mind and removed the thorn from his leg.

Short Story in English with Moral

The next morning he got up, went to the field, and was at work as usual. After two days, the son has a high fever. The son did not have the strength to get up and eat a bite of rice. The father left all his work and stayed at home to improve his son’s health. The father called the doctor to the house. The doctor gave an injection and a pill to reduce the fever.

He stayed with his son until his fever subsided and took care of his well-being. Then the son realized his mistake and apologized to his father. When you were pricked by a thorn, I hesitated when you called me to remove the thorn. But you put aside all your work for me and took care of me without ever getting bored.

The moral of the story

We should always obey our parents. No matter how much pain a parent is in, they don’t show it, but even the slightest injury to the children makes their gut flutter.

An Education Story in English with Moral

There was a teacher in a town. One day, when he was traveling by train, a mother and son read a book on a train bogey. Then the teacher asked the child’s mother, “What do you say to the child? He is reading a book at the age of playing pranks.” 

All children these days have phones in their hands. But your son is reading with a book in his hand at this age. Then the mother said, “Children don’t listen to us; instead, they follow us and learn from us.”

The moral of the story

Children don’t learn from just being told; rather, they learn more by watching our actions. They do what we do at home.

That means if we hold the phone in our hands, the children will hold the phone. If we hold a book, children will hold a book.

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