Short Stories for Kids: A Collection of Short Tales

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Hi Everyone! Welcome to Moral Storys. I’m glad to see you here. Read all the stories I have provided. Not all story books can be bought and read. But it can be read online for free. That’s why I have brought all the great stories of the world on this platform. Short Stories for Kids with Moral. These stories create a new excitement in the readers. Reading stories develops language and increases knowledge. We get to know new words. Stories develop good knowledge especially in children. Moral stories teach children to do good.

A Tale of two Fishes: Short Stories for Kids

Best Short Stories for Kids in English:

There was a man in a village. He had many hopes in life. He dreams of making a lot of money and suddenly becoming rich. One day, he went to the river to catch fish. On his way, he daydreamed that he would catch a lot of fish today, sell it at a high price, and buy a new car.

He stood on the bank of the river and put the net in the river to catch fish. He sat and waited for a while. As no fish fell into the net, he picked up the net, put it somewhere else, and again sat waiting for a while. Not even a single fish fell there. From there again, he moved the net to another side and looked ahead. Even so, not a single fish fell into the net. Thus, he continued to try till evening. However, not a single fish fell. 

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After some time, another man came and put the fishing rod in the water, and in a few minutes he caught two fish and was ready to leave. The first one said to the second one, “How did you catch two fish in such a short time? “I haven’t been able to catch a single fish since morning,” he said. The first one continued further and asked, “You can catch more fish; why are you leaving now?” The second one said, “These are enough for today’s meal. “One for me to eat; the other one is sitting here for an old man, and I will give one to him.”

Again, the first asked the second. “I did not catch one fish from morning till evening, but you came now and caught two fish; how is that possible?” The second one said, “When I come, give God two fish.” I asked you to give one to me and the other to the old man sitting there,” he replied.

The first one was very surprised. He realized that desire is the root cause of suffering.

The moral of the story is: Don’t ask beyond what is required. Do not desire beyond measure. If the demand is pleasing to God, He will give more. A great short stories for kids.

The Fox and the Elephant Story

Good Short Stories for Kids with Moral:

There was an elephant in a forest. The elephant was strong and brave. Big in size but weak in intellect. All the animals made fun of the elephant. All the heavy work in the forest was easily done by the elephant. 

One day a woodcutter came to the forest and asked the elephant for help. The elephant was dragging heavy pieces of wood and placing them near the lorry. Thus the elephant was helping everyone in the forest. 

One day the elephant worked from morning till evening and became exhausted and very hungry. Went looking for food but could not find food anywhere. Dejected, the elephant came and sat under the mango tree. There is one mango in the mango tree. Seeing that, the elephant’s tongue watered. But the mango did not reach the elephant’s trunk. 

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While thinking how to get it, the fox came and said, “Shake the tree with your strength.” Like a fox, the elephant shook the tree with force. The mango fruit fell down but the fox who was there immediately took the fruit and ran away. The fox took the only mango fruit there was. The elephant went elsewhere to look for food with a pale face. 

Moral of the story: It is not enough to have only physical strength, there must also be technique. What cannot be done by strength can be done by technique.

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