Inspiring the Spirit: A Motivational Story in English

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Moral Storys. I’m happy to see you here. Thank you for visiting Moral Storys. In this blog post titled “Inspiring the Spirit: A Motivational Story in English.”

Motivational stories help to enhance language development. Encourage listening and creativity. Helps to communicate verbally. They create awareness about various rituals and cultural traditions.

Short Motivational Story in English.

The Crow and the Bear: Motivational Story

A dense forest, in the middle of the forest the river overflowed during the rainy season. There was a bear who lived by eating small fish.

One day a bear was eating fish on a rock on the bank of a river. In this way, while catching and eating fish, the thorn of the fish broke inside the bear’s mouth. Blood came from the bear’s mouth. A low voice screamed for someone else’s help.

Hearing its cry, all the animals and birds stood watching but none came to its aid. Finally a crow came near the bear and removed the thorn from the bear’s mouth from the crow’s beak. 

A crow asked a bear, “I have removed the thorn from your mouth, will you reward me with anything else?” 

The bear said, “I didn’t bite you when you put your beak in my mouth. Do you want a bigger prize than that?” 

Moral of the story: One should never expect a reward for the help rendered. 

The Lion and the Fox

Thirty kilometers from the beach was a dense forest. The lion was the king in this forest. One day, while hunting, the lion’s foot got stuck in a rock. No matter how hard the lion tried, the leg could not come out. It was there for a day. 

There was a fox in the forest looking for food. but food was nowhere to be found. The fox came to the lion in search of food. The lion asked the fox for help. 

Then the fox asked, “What will I gain if I help you?”

To that, the lion said, “I will give you a share of everything I hunt.” Then the fox agreed that he was right. The fox helped the lion. The lion and the fox went on from there. The lion hunted an animal and brought it to the fox. The fox was very hungry, and the fox’s mouth watered at the sight of the never-before-seen food. 

Motivational Story in English with Moral.

The fox wanted to eat all the food himself. The fox said to the lion, “I want all this.” “You hunt another animal and eat it.” 

To that, the lion said, “I am giving you a little share only because you have helped me.” Then the fox said, “You did not give me what I asked for, so I will kill you.” Then the lion raised its paw in anger and struck. Scared for his life, the fox ran away. The fox got even more hungry. Then the fox thought, “If I had eaten what the lion had given me, I would have gotten rid of my hunger.” 

Moral of the Story 

Greed leads to suffering. Sharing and eating create relationships. Everyone has desires in life. No human being without desires can live on earth. Desire is not wrong, but excessive greed is not good. 

Treasure Beyond Measure: Our Priceless Body

A middle-class family lived in a small village. There are three people: parents and a child. The father is drunk all day long.

The mother earns her living by working on someone else’s farm. As the father is a drunkard, the mother carries the responsibility of the family. Father fell ill in bed. He asks for a glass of water for his son. Then, while giving the glass of water, it slips from the hand and breaks.

Seeing this, the angry father scolded him with rude words: “You fool who breaks a glass like gold, you don’t have the strength to hold a glass of water.” Then the son said to the father, “Dad, you became so angry because I hit a glass. You are ruining this body given by God by drinking every day, is that right?

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If the glass is broken, you can bring it back, but if your body is damaged by alcohol, will you be able to fix it again?” he asked. After hearing his son’s words, the father remains silent for a moment. He changed his mind after hearing his son’s words; he worked hard and lived a happy life with his wife and son.

The Moral of the Story

Our body is priceless, more than gold. Any man-made object can be artificially constructed if it is damaged. But if this body created by God is damaged, it cannot be created again.

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