Moral Stories with Pictures in English for Kids

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Moral Storys. I’m happy to see you here. I write best Moral Stories for everyone. In this blog post titled “Moral Stories with Pictures in English.” To make children aware of right and wrong, moral stories must be told. Only then can moral values be learned. You just have to say it in a way that children can understand.

Moral Stories with Pictures in English

These stories are very important for teaching moral education and values to people of all ages. Narrated as short stories with morals. These short stories are great ways to inculcate moral qualities in children. All morals are available in their own mother tongue. Moral stories with pictures in english. Two best moral stories are described below.

1. Peace of Mind is Stolen Money

Moral Stories with Pictures in English:

In a village, there was a man named Chandrayya. He was poor but very honest and led a peaceful life. He used to live as an ordinary person. There were no valuables or possessions of any kind in his house. That’s why he lived his life peacefully.

One day, a thief was caught stealing from someone’s house. Finally, he escaped from them and started running. The thief sneaked into Chandrayy’s house to escape from the people. After all the people there left, the thief slowly left from there.

When Chandrayya got up in the morning, he saw a bundle lying there. unwrapped it immediately. It had a lot of gold reserves and currency.

Chandrayya was surprised! 

All the people of the town were discussing the theft while thinking, “Where did this bundle come from and how did it get here?” Their whispers fell into his ears. Then Chandrayya understood. When all the people of the town chased the thief, he came home in a hurry to escape and left the bundle here. 

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He took that bundle and put it in the house box. Before going to bed at night, Chandrayya closed all the windows and doors of the house. He never got to sleep. I unwrapped the package one more time. He opened the window doors and looked out. After a while, he again closed all the windows and doors. But that night, he could not sleep. 

Chandrayya got up in the morning, found the stolen house, and handed over the bundle to him. 

Then the owner of the bundle asked, “How did you get this bundle?” 

Chandrayya replied, “A thief came to my house in a hurry to escape from people and left the bundle there.” Moral stories with pictures in english for kids.

“What is the reason for bringing this bundle to me?” “Why didn’t you keep it with you?” he asked. 

to which Chandrayya replied, “This bundle not only disturbed my sleep but also robbed me of my peace.” 

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The master of the bundle was dismayed by Chandrayya’s words. and realized that there is no need for money to lead a comfortable life. 

Moral of the story: Money can buy pills and tablets, but not health. Money cannot buy happiness.

2. Unit is Strength Story – Moral Stories in English

There were four bulls in the forest. The four bulls used to live as one. They were friendly with everyone. Because they are one, no creature can come close to them. 

But one day there was a difference of opinion between the four bulls. The four bulls split in four directions. They lived alone for a few days. One day, when the bulls were alone, some wild animals started attacking them in the forest. 

They could not fight alone when the wild animals attacked them. Then the bulls realized their mistake. They continued to live together as before.

The moral of the story is that unity is strength. If everyone lives as one, anything can be achieved. If we are one, no evil can touch us.

FAQs on Moral Stories with Pictures in English

Q1. Which is the best moral stories in english?

Ans. There are 5 best moral stories in english.
The Greedy Merchant
The great story of a King
The Fox and the Elephant
The Bosom Friendship
The Greedy Rabbit

Q2. What are 5 Moral Values for Kids?

Ans. There are main 5 moral values for kids.

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