Long Story in English: A Good Lesson from Moral Stories

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Moral Storys. It’s nice to see you here. I write best Moral Stories in English for everyone. In this blog post titled “Long Story in English,” two great stories are described below.

The Tortoiseshell: Long Story in English

There was a small lake in a big forest. That lake was the only source of life for all the creatures in the forest. A beautiful turtle lived in a small lake for some years. It was very happy and comfortable. The tortoise was strong and hardy. because the shell on its body was like armor for it.

Even if the animals there sometimes step on their feet, nothing happens to the turtle. A shield over it protected it all the time. The tortoise became more and more arrogant. One day, as he was coming out of his cave, an elephant came and stood behind him. Seeing the shadow of the elephant, the tortoise imagined himself to be strong.

Best long Stories in English.

removed its armor. The tortoise kept shouting, “No one can do anything to me.” The same day, at noon, a group of elephants came to drink water. A herd of elephants trampled on the tortoise. Without armor, the turtle squirmed in pain and died.

Moral of the story

God has given all living beings in creation the characteristics, skills, and knowledge to live according to their respective species. God has given us what to give to whom, when to give, and where to give.

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The Elephant and the Fox: Long Stories in English for Students

There were a fox and an elephant in a forest. The two lived very intimately. so much so that one cannot leave the other. Across the river was a sugarcane field. One day, the elephant wanted to eat sugarcane. The elephant said this to the fox: “Today I want to eat sugarcane,” to which the fox replied, “Yes, I also want to eat.” “It has been a long day, and I have not eaten.”

“But how do we cross the river?” “I can’t swim,” said the fox.

The elephant said, “I will carry you on my back.”

The elephant carried the fox on his back and crossed the river. Together, they went to the sugarcane field. The fox ate quickly and got full, but the elephant’s stomach did not get full. The full-bellied fox was mesmerized and howled loudly with joy.

“Don’t shout loudly; if anyone hears, they will come and beat both of them,” said the elephant. But the fox did not listen to the elephant. Hearing the fox’s shout, the owner of the farm came.

Long Story in English with Moral.

The fox ran fast and escaped the blows. But the elephant was heavy and big, so it could not escape the owner’s blows. He hit the elephant hard. The elephant somehow escaped from him and came across the field.

At last, the fox and the elephant met on the bank of the river. The elephant asked the fox, “Why did you do this?”

Then the fox replied, “I have a habit of howling when my stomach is full.” The elephant did not say anything. Then the river had to be crossed from that bank to this bank. As before, the elephant came to the middle of the river, carrying the fox on its back. When the elephant reached the middle of the river, it plunged into the water and proceeded to bathe.

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Then the fox got completely scared. Angry with that, it shouted, “What are you doing?” “If you do that, I will really drown in the river and die.”

to which the elephant said, “I have a habit of taking a bath in the river after eating sugarcane.” Long story in english for class 10.

At last the foxl thought to himself, “The elephant will take revenge for my indecent act.” Then the fox realized his mistake and apologized to the elephant. Finally, the elephant brought the fox safely to the shore. From that day on, the fox did not harm any creature, and the fox continued to live as good friends with the elephant as before.

Moral of the story

If one does not do good, it is not bad, but one should not wish for evil. If we do evil to another for our own happiness, we will have to experience its double consequences one day.

Frequently Asked Questions on Long Story in English

Q1. What is the difference between Turtle and Tortoise?

Ans: Tortoise and turtle belongs to the same species.
Tortoise: Most land-dwelling organisms. They have a large body shell and are heavy. They have a rounded body shell.
Turtle: Turtles are mostly marine creatures. They have a light body shell and long legs. They have an elongated body shell.

Q2. What does a tortoise eat?

Ans: Tortoises are primarily herbivores and eat vegetables, leaves, fruits, and grass for food.

Q3. Which story is best in english?

Ans: There are  number of stories in English. Here are some of the best stories:
The Elephant and the Fox.
The Tortoiseshell.
The Golden Egg.
The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

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