The Art of English Story Writing with Moral Lessons

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Moral Storys. I’m very happy to see you here. Thanks for visiting Moral Storys. In this blog post titled “English Story Writing with Moral.” Writing can change someone’s life. The book can inspire and encourage those who read it. Books are companions for readers.

Simple English Story Writing

English story writing for Students:

It involves the art of writing to attract readers. Story writing is an art. A writer shares his thoughts and feelings with the world in written form. Writers can educate, inspire, and entertain readers through their writing.

Every story begins with a specific idea from the writer. Every story-writing journey begins with a spark of creativity. And write a title that is mainly relevant to the story to grab the reader’s attention.

Create well-rounded characters and narrate the plot of the story through them. The story should be enlivened by using phrases that draw the reader in.

Some moral stories are shared below. English story writing with moral.

A Story of Ego: English Story Writing Examples

In a village, there lived two people named Rama and Soma who built a house. They were mutually antagonistic toward each other. There was animosity between the two. Every day, they used to fight about something. One day, Rama was going to town in the evening. Soma was coming from there at the same time. A canal was flowing in between.

A narrow wooden plank was laid to cross the canal. And the canal had to be crossed one by one with the help of a plank. Two men came near that canal. Both of them started crossing the canal facing each other.

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As soon as they reached the center of the canal, the old and narrow plank broke under the weight of the two. Stupidly, the two fell into the canal.

Moral of the Story : Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.

The Story of the Rabbit, the Fox and the Crocodile 

Once upon a time, a rabbit lived in a dense forest. The rabbit was happy playing with her cubs. A rabbit was out for food one day when it caught the eye of a fox. The fox thought to himself, “It is so beautiful; if it is so beautiful to look at, it will taste even better if I eat it.” 

The fox went to catch the rabbit, but the rabbit ran away from the fox and entered his bush. And The fox followed the rabbit’s footprints and traced its abode. The fox approached the rabbit and said, “I can’t leave you without eating you.”

Then the rabbit asked, “Okay, you can eat me, but leave me for one day; tomorrow I will come to you.” 

To that, the fox said, “Okay then, I will give you one day’s time.” “You have to come to me tomorrow,” she said, and she left. 

Short Story Writing in English

The rabbit had a very close friendship with the crocodile, so the rabbit told the crocodile everything that happened. The crocodile gave a suggestion to the rabbit. On the next day, the rabbit went to the fox and said, “I have come prepared, but my dear friend is longing to see you and has prepared all kinds of meat and food for you.” 

Then the fox got even more excited and said, “Well then, let’s go.” The rabbit and the fox came close to the crocodile. Seeing the arrival of the fox, the crocodile said, “Long live the fox emperor!” “We cordially invite you to this beautiful region of ours.” 

The crocodile jumped into the river, saying to the fox, “I have put a royal throne inside the river and prepared all kinds of meat and food for you; please come.” Then the fox, without thinking for a moment, foolishly jumped into the river. As the water in the river was deep, the fox could not find a foothold and lost his life. 

The rabbit is grateful for the crocodile’s help and lives happily with her cubs. 

Moral of the story: If you have an idea, you can escape from any danger.

The Farmer and the Eagle

A farmer lived in a small village. While working in the field, an eagle came and got caught in the net. The farmer saved the eagle by serving it with a net. The eagle thanked the farmer for freeing him from the trap. The eagle flew away from there. The farmer was again busy with his work. 

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Another day a farmer was sleeping under a tree when a snake came from behind. The eagle saw from the sky and picked up the snake with its claws. 

Moral of the story:

If we help one person in times of trouble, another day we will be helped in a big way. When we help someone it is not in vain, we get help at the right time.

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