English Stories in PDF

English Stories in PDF

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Moral stories, also known as Fables or Parables, are narratives that are intended to convey a moral lesson or ethical message to the reader or listener.

These stories often feature anthropomorphized animals or other creatures who act out the story’s message in a way that is relatable and memorable.

Moral stories have been a part of human storytelling traditions for centuries and are often used as a tool to teach children about values and ethical behavior.

However, they can be enjoyed by people of all ages and can help us reflect on our own actions and attitudes. English Stories in PDF

Some famous examples of moral stories include Aesop’s Fables, such as “The Tortoise and the Hare,” which teaches the lesson that slow. And steady wins the race. And which teaches the importance of honesty.

Other well-known moral stories include “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” “The Lion and the Mouse,” and “The Ugly Duckling.”

Overall, moral stories are a timeless form of storytelling that can help us learn important life lessons and reflect on our own behavior and values.

Kindness and Courage – English Stories in PDF

Once upon a time, in a small village, there was an old man who was known for his wisdom and kindness. He had a grandson whom he loved very much. And he used to spend most of his time teaching him valuable lessons. And telling him stories.

One day, the old man decided to take his grandson for a walk in the nearby forest. As they were walking, they came across a wounded bird lying on the ground.

The old man picked up the bird and took it home, where he cleaned its wounds and took care of it until it was fully healed.

The old man’s grandson was very impressed by his grandfather’s kindness towards the bird, and he asked him why he did it. Old man replied, “Son, it is our duty as human beings to help those in need, be it animals or people.

We should always be kind. And compassionate towards others, as it is what makes us truly human.”

English Stories in PDF

The grandson was deeply touched by his grandfather’s words, and he realized the importance of being kind. And compassionate towards others. From that day on, he promised himself that he would always try to help others in need, just like his grandfather.

As time went by, the old man fell ill and was unable to leave his house. One day, a group of thieves came to the village and started stealing from the houses.

They reached the old man’s house and tried to break in, but the grandson saw them and quickly went to his grandfather for help.

The old man, who was too weak to fight the thieves, came up with a plan. He told his grandson to bring him a pot of boiling water and a bag of red pepper.

The grandson did as he was told, and the old man poured the boiling water into the bag of red pepper and mixed it well. English Stories in PDF.

As the thieves broke into the house, the old man threw the bag of pepper and boiling water at them. The thieves were blinded and in great pain. And they quickly ran away. The old man. And his grandson were safe, and the village was grateful to them for driving away the thieves.

English Stories in PDF

The grandson was amazed by his grandfather’s cleverness and bravery, and he asked him how he came up with the idea. The old man replied, “Son, it is not just about being kind and compassionate.

Sometimes, we have to be brave and use our intelligence to protect ourselves and those we love. We should always be ready to face any challenge that comes our way, and never give up.” English Stories in PDF.

The grandson learned another valuable lesson from his grandfather that day. And he realized that being kind. And compassionate was not enough. He needed to be brave and resourceful as well, in order to face the challenges of life.

And so, the old man’s wisdom and kindness, along with his grandson’s courage and resourcefulness, continued to inspire the people of the village for generations to come. The end.

English Stories in PDF

Once there was a tortoise who was very slow but persistent. One day, he challenged a hare to a race. The hare, overconfident in his speed, accepted the challenge.

During the race, the hare took a nap, thinking he had plenty of time to catch up.

The tortoise, however, continued to move slowly but steadily, and eventually won the race. The moral of the story is “slow and steady wins the race.”

English Stories in PDF

Cricketer Success Story

Once upon a time a little boy named Rohit loved to play cricket. He practiced everyday and dreamed of becoming a professional cricketer.

English Stories in PDF.
One day Rohit watched a match on TV where his favorite player hit effortless sixes. Inspired, Rohit decided to practice even harder. He woke up early every morning and practiced for hours, ignoring the heat and fatigue.

Months passed, and Rohit’s hard work paid off. He was selected to play for his school team, and he quickly became their star player. English Stories in PDF.

Years later, Rohit was playing for the Indian cricket team, living his dream. When asked about his success, Rohit said, “My love for the game and the desire to be the best kept me motivated, and hard work never fails.”

The end.

English Stories in PDF

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