Top 3 Best English Moral Stories with Pictures

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Moral Storys. It’s nice to see you here. I write 3 best Moral Stories in English for everyone. In this blog post titled “Best English Moral Stories with Pictures,” three great stories are described below.

English Moral Stories

English moral stories play a unique role in human life. Reveals the secrets of life. It is a lesson about how to live and act in the world.

1. The Lizard and the King

English Moral Stories for Kids:

Once upon a time there was a king who was faithful and honest in life. One day the kingdom was attacked by the enemies of the kingdom. He took his army and went to the battlefield and fought but was defeated in the battle. 

Disappointed, he came to the palace with a heavy heart and sat alone in a room. “I am not worthy of the title of king. I could not win the war” he sat worried. In the same room, a lizard is trying to climb the wall. The king sat looking at it. 

Every time the lizard climbed the wall, it fell. However, it kept trying to climb again and again without giving up. Although the lizard was slipping and falling as it climbed a little higher, it did not stop trying to climb. It kept climbing the wall without letting up, and finally stood at the top of the wall. 

English Moral Stories with Pictures:

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Seeing all this, the king felt a kind of self-confidence. One may not be able to achieve anything in a single attempt, but he got up from there and went to war so as not to stop trying until he wins. 

Moral of the story: 

What we learn from this short story is that as the number of attempts increases, the number of mistakes decreases. Never lose patience in life, never give up. When we set out to do something, we should not give up until we achieve it. 

2. The Swan and the Pig

A beautiful swan lived in a small lake. It had four cubs. One evening, a swan came out with its cubs. In the same way, a pig was coming from there with its cubs. 

When the swan and the pig came face to face, the pig said, “You have four cubs; they are as white as snow, but I have a dozen cubs, and not a single cub is white.” “What is the reason for this?” asked the pig.

To which the swan said, “My mind is so clear that I am white and beautiful.” The pig asked, “What is the relationship between the mind and the color of the body?” 

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Then the swan said, “I don’t live in dirty water, but you live in dirty water.” “I swim in the flowing water, but you are mesmerized and happy in the stagnant drain.” 

The moral of the story:

A healthy mind has a healthy body. If the mind is pure, the environment around us will also be beautiful. If our mind is clean, bad thoughts will not come to us. 

Let us always try to keep our mind clean.

3. A Greedy Merchant: English Moral Stories

Once upon a time there was a milk merchant in a small village. He made a living selling milk to every house in the village. The sale of milk was his life’s support. 

The money sold by selling milk was not enough for a living. That’s why he mixed some water in milk and sold it. The quantity of milk increased. So there was a lot of money.  He did not keep quiet. He added more water to some milk and started selling it. This reduced the quality and density of milk. 

One day early in the morning two men came to a merchant for milk. The two men saw that he was adding more water to some milk. The two of them beat him saying that he has “cheated us”. The whole village came to know about this and hesitated to buy his milk. He lost the only milk business that was the basis of his life to greed. 

Moral of the story

Humans naturally have desires. But there should not be excessive desire. That becomes greed. The greed to become rich quickly and to become a millionaire suddenly is harmful to life. The way to earn more will cause unexpected damage.

FAQs on English Moral Stories

What are moral stories in english?

Moral stories are powerful tools for teaching life lessons. Reveals the secrets of life. It is a lesson about how to live and act in the world.
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What are the some best moral stories in english?

Here some best moral stories in english:
The Lizard and the King
The Swan and the Pig
A Greedy Merchant

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