Bedtime Stories for Kids in English

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Moral Storys: Short Bedtime Stories for Kids. It’s nice to see you here. I write bed stories to read online free in english for everyone. In this blog post titled “Bedtime Stories for Kids,” 6 short bedtime stories are described below:

  • The Kindhearted Ant
  • The Greedy Rabbit
  • The Honest Woodcutter
  • The Caring Spider
  • The Horse and the Donkey
  • The Lost Star 

Bedtime Stories for Kids with Pictures

Moral Stories are powerful tools for teaching life lessons. best moral stories create deep understanding in kids. And creates awareness of right and wrong.

1. The Kind-hearted Ant

Short Bedtime Stories Free.

A hardworking ant named Andy used to reside in a verdant meadow. Andy was well-known for his tenacity and commitment to the ant colony. In order to ensure that everyone in the colony had enough to eat, he spent his days gathering food and supplies.

Andy saw Gina, a hungry and worn-out grasshopper, scrounging for food on a scorching summer day. Gina had neglected to prepare food for the impending winter since she had spent her days playing and singing.

Andy decided to assist after realizing Gina’s situation. He gave Gina some of his food and showed her how to forage and prepare food for the winter. Gina was moved by Andy’s generosity and vowed to put forth extra effort going forward.

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The Ant colony had enough food to survive as the seasons changed and winter arrived. In addition to saving Gina, Andy’s deed had also imparted to her the value of accountability and diligence.

Moral of the story: Being kind and helpful, even when it’s not anticipated, can have great effects and impart important lessons. 

2. The Greedy Rabbit: Bedtime Stories to Read Online Free

A rabbit named Robbie lived in a lush woodland. Robbie was constantly peckish and unable to resist the seduction of the tasty, sweet carrots blooming in Farmer Brown’s garden. And Robbie would sneak into the garden at night to gorge himself on the carrots, despite knowing it was wrong to do so.

Robbie was enjoying a feast of carrots one day when he overheard a dejected voice. It was Mama Squirrel, whose winter nut supply had been destroyed by Robbie’s mischief. Robbie felt bad and told Mama Squirrel he was sorry for what he had done.

Robbie was pardoned by Mama Squirrel, but she gave him a heads-up about the effects of his avarice. She warned him that his activities were endangering not only himself but also others.

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Robbie decided to change after realizing his error. He ceased plundering the garden and began assisting other animals in need. He quickly discovered that the jungle was teeming with companions who were eager to share their meals with him.

Moral of Story: Selfishness and harm to oneself and others can result from greed. In the long term, helping others and sharing are more satisfying. Bedtime stories for kids.

3. The Honest Woodcutter

A woodcutter named Ethan resided in a little town. Ethan’s axe slipped from his hands one day as he was cutting wood next to a river and plunged into the deep water. He sat by the riverbed, distraught and unsure of what to do.

A shimmering water nymph carrying a golden axe suddenly materialized in front of him. If the golden axe was his, she questioned “That’s not mine,” Ethan retorted. Mine is a straightforward iron axe. The water nymph was so moved by his integrity that she not only gave him back his iron axe but also gave him a golden one as a gift. 

Ethan came home with the golden axe and a heart full of excitement. With his fellow woodcutter pals, he related his tale. They later lied to the water nymph about their missing axes when the other woodcutters went to the river in search of a golden axe. The nymph, however, was aware of their deceit and refused to reward them.

The woodcutters respected Ethan’s sincerity and realized that being truthful was the best course of action.

Moral of the story: Being honest and having integrity are traits that are highly regarded and can result in pleasant surprises. 

4. The Caring Spider: Moral Stories for Kids

A small spider named Sammy lived in a calm area of a child’s room. Sammy was renowned for his amazing capacity to weave complex webs. He frequently crafted exquisite webs to capture insects for sustenance and took great satisfaction in his work.

Sammy once discovered Freddie, a weary and lonely fly, entangled in his web. Sammy listened to Freddie’s story instead of viewing him as food. Freddie was frantically looking for his family after getting lost.

Sammy gently helped Freddie escape the entanglement after becoming moved by his situation. Sammy then made a path for Freddie to follow back to his family using his silk. Freddie was reunited with his family thanks to Sammy, for which he will always be grateful.

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Sammy came to the conclusion that empathy and compassion mattered more than simply grabbing prey. He continued weaving lovely webs after that, but he also made sure to assist people in need.

Moral of the story: Being nice and compassionate might result in unexpected friendships and a feeling of fulfillment. 

5. The Horse and the Donkey: Classic Bedtime Stories for Kids

A soldier in a village had a horse and a donkey. He looked after them with care. A horse and a donkey were like good friends. One day, a telegram comes from the king asking him to come to war. For that, he took great care of the horse and tied it in a separate room. A donkey gets jealous when he sees the horse being cared for too much.

The next morning, the soldier got up, took his horse, and went to battle. He came home after a week. But the horse was seriously injured while fighting with the opponent in the battle. The soldier treated the injured horse and kept it in a separate room. 

Seeing the horse’s wound, the donkey realized his mistake and apologized to the horse. Again, the two became good friends. 

Moral of the story: One should not be jealous of another’s well-being. No one should be looked down upon. 

6. The Lost Star: Famous Bedtime Stories

Stella was a small star amid the grandeur of the night sky. Stella was inquisitive and daring, constantly yearning to discover new vistas in the sky. She once strayed too far from her constellation and became disoriented amid the expanse of stars.

Stella, who was terrified and lonely, met Luna, the knowledgeable moon. Stella was led by Luna back to her constellation while learning how to use the star patterns to navigate. And Stella encountered other wandering stars along the road and assisted them in doing the same.

Stella left her constellation with her heart overflowing with thankfulness. She understood that finding her own path was vital, but so was assisting others in doing the same. She then turned into a beacon in the night sky for all lost wanderers.

Moral of the story: Having our own journeys can be fun, but so can assisting others in finding their way. Short Bedtme stories for Kids.

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