5 Lines Short Stories with Moral

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Welcome to Moral Storys : 5 Lines Short Stories with Moral.

The Two Wolves: Moral Story

A senior Cherokee chief was imparting life lessons to his grandson. “A battle is raging inside of me,” he declared. The conflict between the two wolves is horrible. One is bad; he is bitterness, inferiority, falsehoods, false pride, regret, sadness, regret, avarice, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, and ego. “The other is good,” he said; “he is truth, compassion, empathy, generosity, joy, peace, love, and serenity.” He is also humble, kind, and benevolent. You and every other person are engaged in the same internal conflict. After giving it some thought, the grandson asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?” The elderly chief only retorted, “The one you feed.” 

This narrative shows us how to nurture our best qualities while letting go of harmful influences. 

The Elephant Rope: 5 Lines Short Stories with Moral

A man walking past a herd of elephants discovered that they were only restrained by a thin rope fastened to their front legs. He was astounded by this and questioned the trainer as to why the elephants didn’t try to escape. The elephant trainer stated that the elephants were tied with the same size rope when they were very young, and at that time, it was sufficient to hold them. They never made another attempt to escape as they started to believe they couldn’t. 

The story’s lesson is that many of us are constrained by our views and beliefs and that if we let go of those constricting ideas, we can accomplish much more than we realize.

The Just King: 5 Lines Short Stories with Moral

Leo was the name of a monarch who once ruled a far-off nation. He was renowned across the realm for his fairness and kindness. Leo the Lion made it a point to show respect and deference to all of his subjects.

A humble farmer named Jack once approached the monarch with a dilemma. Jack and his family are now homeless as a result of a wealthy merchant taking their land unfairly. After carefully considering Jack’s account, the king quickly invited the merchant to his court. 

King Leo believed that the merchant had really acted unfairly after hearing both sides of the story. He gave the merchant instructions to return the farmer’s land and to pay him back for the difficulty he had endured. Even so, the merchant followed the king’s directive.

5 Lines Short Stories with Moral in English.

People in the kingdom applauded the monarch for his justice and wisdom as word of his reasonable decision spread throughout the realm. Knowing that they had a king who would defend their rights and uphold justice for everyone made them feel comfortable. 

monarch  Leo had a reputation for being a righteous monarch throughout history. He would receive visitors from nearby countries who wanted his opinion on how to settle their conflicts. Leo the lion would listen carefully and act in accordance with his sense of justice and compassion.

As a result of the people cooperating peacefully and trusting their king to treat them properly, the kingdom prospered under King Leo’s rule.

Moral of the Story: As a result, the tale of King Leo, the righteous king, spread across the generations, teaching people the value of treating others with justice and kindness.

The Kind-hearted Queen: 5 Lines Short Stories with Moral

A kind monarch by the name of Queen Eleanor ruled the realm of Avalon. She was adored by her subjects for her kindness and compassion. One day, a beggar came to the queen asking for assistance. Despite her hectic schedule, Queen Eleanor showed compassion for the beggar’s plight and gave him food, clothing, and shelter. People were moved by her deed of generosity and praised her as a queen who genuinely cared for her subjects. As a result of the queen’s example, there was a realm where generosity and kindness were the norm. 

Moral of the Story: A queen’s ability to demonstrate kindness and compassion to those in need, creating a kingdom of love and harmony, is what truly makes her great, not her wealth or power.

The Young Man and the Sage: Moral Story

In a village, there was a young man of twenty-three years of age. He was living a boring life. He left what was and sought what was not.

One evening, he was walking along the river bank. A swan was floating beautifully in the river. The young man thought how beautifully the swan floated on the water. He imagined that if I were a swan, I would float comfortably on the water. A sage was sitting next to him. He came to the sages and asked, “If you have the power, transform me into a swan.” 5 Lines Short Stories with Moral pdf.

Then the sages transformed the young man into a swan in the water. The young man went swimming with the other swans. But he was drowning in water and floating. If you want to swim in the water, you have to use your legs. Thinking that this was also difficult, he asked the sage to make him human again. The sage brought him back to human form as before.

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The Sage told him that swans play their feet in water to float beautifully on it. One can only see the graceful floating of swans on the water, not the difficulty behind it. We, too, have to accept the life that has come to us. It should be experienced fully. He said that difficulties should be kept aside and only happiness should be shared. The sage’s words inspired the young man. From there, he returned home happy.

Moral of the story: Human life is superior to all other living beings. But due to his ignorance, laziness, selfishness, and worldly cares, he is not experiencing it fully.

He leaves the great life that exists and imagines a life that is not his own. Nothing in anyone’s life is easy; we have to enjoy the life that we have. 

The Helping Hand: 5 Lines Short Stories with Moral

A lot of starfish were once stranded on the shore of a sandy beach. Mia, a young girl, caught their attention. As she began to gather them up, she threw them into the ocean.

There are too many starfish, a man who was passing by said. They cannot all be saved.

I can have an impact on those I save, Mia responded with a smile.

She kept pitching in. When she saw Mia, another girl joined in. More helpers soon arrived.

Even though they weren’t able to save every starfish, they did save a lot. Each life they saved was significant.

moral of the story: Even modest deeds of compassion can make a significant difference.


These tales serve as a timely reminder of the strength of optimism, will, and kindness. They nudge us to examine ourselves and acknowledge our capacity to influence both our own and other people’s lives. When difficulties arise, go back to these inspirational stories to gain inspiration to press on.

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